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The Pros Brand first ever basketball sneaker is called the "P 4:13" - I can do all this through him who gives me strength.  


The P 4:13 has good ankle support, are comfortable, have good traction, and are lightweight. The inner sock locks your feet in while the mesh material is very breathable. 


  • Has directional herring bone that provides traction at multiple surfaces and angles to be able to stop and pop a shot or switch up with a killer cross over.

  • Has asymetrial tongue that wraps and cradles around the medial ankle. The tongue flows up higher on the medial side to provide more ankle support.

  • Midsole foam is carved to create an adaptable outrigger for support during cutting.

  • Holistic support starts at the collar and travels through the forefoot.

  • Ballistic mesh highly breathable and supportive.

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