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Joe Foster and Christian Villar
Christian Villar & Joe Foster

Two industry pioneers, Joe Foster and Christian Villar, have come together to shake up the athletic industry with their innovative partnership through The Pros Brand. With their combined expertise and visionary leadership, they are determined to revolutionize the way athletes are supported, recognized, and empowered.


Joe Foster, the legendary founder of Reebok, brings with him decades of experience and a stellar reputation in the industry. Having transformed Reebok into a global sports brand through groundbreaking athlete partnerships, Foster understands the power of collaboration and innovation. His strategic approach and ability to create iconic brand campaigns have solidified his position as an industry leader.


Christian Villar, the visionary founder of The Pros Brand, has already made waves in the footwear and sports industry with his fresh approach. The Pros Brand offers athletes unique opportunities for growth, ownership, and independence, setting itself apart from traditional athletic brands. Villar's passion for empowering athletes and providing them with a platform to showcase their talents perfectly aligns with Foster's vision.


Together, Foster and Villar aim to redefine the athletic industry by providing athletes with unparalleled support and opportunities. The Pros Brand's athlete-focused approach emphasizes mentorship, branding, and global exposure. Through this partnership, they will continue to challenge industry norms and create a new era of possibilities for athletes worldwide.


Joe Foster is thrilled about joining Christian Villar and The Pros Brand as co-owner. He believes that their combined knowledge and passion will enable them to make a significant impact on the athletic industry. Foster is particularly excited about empowering athletes and giving them a voice and ownership over their brands.


Christian Villar shares Foster's enthusiasm for the collaboration. He recognizes Foster's immense contributions to the industry and is eager to leverage his expertise to propel The Pros Brand to new heights. Villar believes that together, they can create a global sports phenomenon that truly supports and uplifts athletes.


The partnership between Joe Foster and Christian Villar marks a turning point in the athletic industry. By combining their visionary leadership and passion for empowering athletes, they are poised to disrupt the market and provide athletes with unprecedented opportunities for success.


As The Pros Brand continues to evolve, athletes can expect a game-changing platform that prioritizes their growth, recognition, and ownership. With Joe Foster's guidance and Christian Villar's innovative approach, The Pros Brand is set to redefine the athletic industry and establish a new standard for athlete support.


Stay tuned for more exciting developments from The Pros Brand as they revolutionize the athletic industry and empower athletes worldwide.

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