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The Pros Brand Beginnings

The Pros Brand Beginnings

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Our story is real and genuine. We didn't create a brand based on the need to compete with anyone or money being our motive. It is based on a story of the humbling beginning of a young boy, Christian Villar, who got inspired to live out his life's dream despite having the odds stacked against him. Growing up without a father, who passed away when he was just five years old, to being raised by a single mom, migrating to the US from a small village in the Dominican Republic and working for everything society and statistics said he couldn't beat.

Growing up, Christian childhood hero was an NBA basketball player named, Felipe Lopez. Christian went on to play basketball overseas and upon his returned to New Jersey created his very own professional basketball team called New Jersey Pros in 2009. As fate would have it, Christian shared the court with his childhood hero Felipe Lopez and retired his jersey with the NJ-Pros. 


While on tour with his team in 2014, Christian hosted a free basketball clinic and donated over 200 backpacks filled with school supplies to underprivileged children. The following day after the game, a group of children approached Christian and asked if they can have his sneakers. Being able to only give them away to only one child made him feel horrible. On the plane back home to NJ, Christian started praying and that's when he realized that there are still children who can't afford or don't have sneakers like him when he was growing up in the Dominican Republic. That was the moment he made the decision to change that and the idea of creating his own sneaker company and brand was born.

Since 2009 all of the NJ-Pros camps, training, and events where conducted under "The Pros Brand" name it was only fit to name and formally incorporating its new company and brand as business entity in 2016 as "The Pros Brand". Its slogan "Winning Where It Matters" says it at all, you decide what it matters to you and you create your own definition of success and what your life should be. We hope that by producing quality and affordable footwear and apparel we can change someone's life. Profits from sales will be used to donate footwear and apparel to underprivileged youth around the world, invest in education and sports programs that will inspire and motivate them in becoming the best version of themselves.

The Pros Brand organizes and conducts youth, high school, college and pro sport competitions and athletic events for profit and charitable benefits locally, nationally, and internationally. It aslo aims to foster international and national diplomacy through athletic competition, exhibition, clinics, training, cultural festivities, and various aid missions, (food, water, medicine etc). It offers teams and players opportunity to give back and engage in the communities, cities, states, and countries in which they play in while showing fans the importance of team work in everyday life to make the world a better place for all. 

Furthermore we also take great pride in providing youth, high school, college and pro training in different sports as well as fitness and training programs for non athletes and athletes alike to reach ones full potential. 

After years of seeing how other companies treat athletes under endorsement deals The Pros Brand decided to do something about it by now focusing on allowing professional athletes to join The Pros Brand while maintaining creative control and ownership of their own brands.  The Pros Brand also has created its own platform to showcase its products in the NBXL, a professional basketball league, and The Pros Brand's athletes brands.

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