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Share Your Winning Where It Matters


Our first #WINNINGWHEREITMATTERS comes from our owner and creator of this brand.  He went from not having shoes to play outside to creating a footwear company to use it to provide footwear, educational, and recreational programs to underprivileged children.


Our slogan is Winning Where It Matters because we believe you define what is important to you, what matters to you, and what success is to you.  So if you are happy with being a parent, following your passion, content with your 9-5/career etc why should someone else or society tell you otherwise. #WINNINGWHEREITMATTERS is a movement to inspire and empower you to continue to be you and doing what you do or makes happy.  


We want to hear from you and feature your #WINNINGWHEREITMATTERS.  Your stories of perseverance, toughness, and dedication to what matters to you can inspire and empower others. Sign up below to GET INVOLVED, if we decide to feature you we will contact you and request picture or video to post on our social media outlets and website:  All featured will get a free shirt or hat from site as a gift.

Thanks! Message sent.

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